Re: Re: help creating a horizontal GtkList (not horizontal scrolling)

> On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 11:00 -0400, wrote:
> > Hello, I'm having problems figuring out how to create a horizontal
> >  GtkList (I hope its possible).
> > 
> > I'm using Dev-Cpp. When I do searches on the net "GtkList horizontal",
> >  all i get is horizontal scrolling in relation to GtkListe but never a
> >  horizontal list in itself. I can't seem to find any meaningful
> >  information concerning this on the net.
> The right mailing list for this type of question is gtk-list gnome org 
> I've set the Reply-to: header accordingly.

I've already posted to gtk-list just in case :). I'm not quite getting why it would be more appropriate on gtk-list as, to me, this qualifies as a programming problem, not a general question about GTK+ :).
> GTK+ currently doesn't support horizontal lists.  You'll probably need
> to write such a widget on your own.

Hmm...this should have been implemented.
> [Do you *really* want a horizontal list?  People seem to scan better top
> to bottom, rather than left to right.]

Depends what you do with them. Sometimes its more useful to browse from left to right. In any case, you're probably thinking of menu's as in menu bar that you usually find at the top of a window; File, Edit, View, etc..

The lists I'm currently making are inside the window and you can browse through them using arrow keys; they are not part of the menu bar at the top of the window.


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