Glib g_io_channel_read: can't be called deprecated


Why g_io_channel_read is called "deprecated" in glib docs?
Here's why I think this is wrong:

I need to do some IPC through named fifo's (those created with mkfifo).
Confused by docs, I at first used g_io_channel_read_chars with NULL encoding,
as according to documentation it is "safe for binary data".

I expect that after calling g_io_channel_flush () on writer's side the reader
will likely to receive all pending data throug g_io_channel_read_chars,
but it does not receive anything, cus read_chars tries to gather
the full buffer before it returns - such behavior is OK if I read from a file
and is absolutely unexpected if I read from a fifo channel.

The only way to do what I described is to use g_io_channel_read,
which is implemented the way it should be: it returns partial data immediately
if there is any.

So, I offer to remove 'deprecated' mark from g_io_channel_read and this way
guarantee that it will be supported further.
The fact that g_io_channel_read_chars misbehaves with
non-generic-file objects should be documented too.

Regards, Dmitry

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