Re: Notes from GTK+ BOF

Ok, upon looking closer, I found a couple more things:

- The button constructs a file chooser dialog and keeps it around,
  which could be a little expensive. The reason for doing it that
  way is probably to simply delegate all the GtkFileChooser 
  functions to the dialog. 
- You don't actually delegate them, though, since you're missing
  a _gtk_file_chooser_set_delegate() call.
- While you try to shorten pathnames by recognizing $HOME and 
  folding it to ~, the names can still easily be too long for
  display in the entry/button. This may be acceptable for the 
  entry, since you can at least scroll it to see the basename,
  that is not possible for the label inside the button. We really
  need to fix this, otherwise the file picker will be basically
  useless in OPEN or SELECT_FOLDER mode.


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