Re: Sheet and Drawer widgets

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 22:47, Ken Harris wrote:
> I once saw an interview with Owen Taylor where he said he'd like to see
> somebody implement Mac-style drawers, for possible inclusion in some
> future version of Gtk+.  Being crazy (or dumb) enough to think this
> would be easy, I decided to give it a try.  You can see what I've done
> so far:
> It's not something you can really use yet, but it's kind of fun to play
> with.  The next step is to make them into real GtkWidgets, and polish
> them up so they're usable in real applications.  If you want to help,
> please do!  I'm new to Gtk+ and still trying to figure this stuff out.

Cool, cc'ing gtk-devel-list on the response so that the appropriate
set of people see this. (Usually we are trying to chase things *off*

It also wouldn't hurt to open a bugzilla bug (if there isn't one
open already) and point to your website from it. That's the way
we typically like to track future additions to GTK+.

The way I think I'd handle activation for a drawer is to always 
make active window manager window the main toplevel then add
some hooks to GtkWindow to allow another toplevel to logically
be "part" of the GtkWindow for the purposes of focus and 
key handling. So events get sent by the window manager to the
main toplevel, and then GTK+ might forward them on to the


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