Re: GObject instantiation hopelessly overcomplicated??

On Sun, 2004-18-07 at 14:10 +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,

> Simply so that it inherits whatever is in the parent class. There
> needs to be a copy so that a derived class can override functions
> without changing the parent class.

Yeah, but if you use base_init, then copying has no use, correct?

> Please don't call it madness unless you understood it completely and
> are able to judge. 

I can't judge it completely until I've spent years with it, or until
someone explains it to me.

> If you continue to rant on the GObject
> implementation it is very likely that you won't receive any further
> answers to your questions.

I'm not sure why you chose to interpret my words so negatively, I was
only lightly joking, but if its my fault for creating the impression I
have an insufficient level respect for for GObject, or your work, then I

It appears to be madness to me, but as I've tried to make clear, thats
probably just because I don't understand it. If my ignorance and pleas
for an explanation offend you then please ignore me.

You state things as if its then supposed to make perfect sense, but it
doesn't; and I don't think its because I'm as stupid as you may think.

> Sven


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