Re: accessibility question

Sven Neumann wrote:


"Eric S. Johansson" <esj harvee org> writes:

thank you for these links.  Unfortunately, they confirmed my fears
which is that is really focused on blind accessibility first, extreme
handicapped user second (i.e. quadriplegics) and speech recognition
dependent users are an afterthought.  And it's (understandably) only
Linux focused.

How is it Linux focused? GTK+ (and thus ATK) is available for a
variety of platforms.

quite right. I went back and looked further and that was a mistaken impression about it being Linux focused. I got the impression from the documentation talking about everything in the context of gnome.

By the way, I found the article at scansoft that I was talking about earlier. It shows the limitations of what applications NaturallySpeaking will work with. There had been some other Dragon created adaptations for other applications in the past but scansoft has not seen fit to keep them working.

it would be nice if there were some way to add gtk to the list of compatible Windows/edit controls.

By the way, this technote is also a great example of politics of language. Any application not using one of the limited number of Windows classes is considered "nonstandard" which carries a whole boatload of cultural implications, all unpleasant for the handicapped user. One of the fallouts from this has been for "experts" on speech recognition mailing lists to push users towards Microsoft applications that work with NaturallySpeaking. All other applications are seen as undesirable and should not be used.


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