Re: GtkIconView and Accessibility

> Currently there is no accessibility support for GtkIconView.

> It looks to me that the accessibility support we need to add 
> is similar to that done for NautilusIconContainer and 
> NautilusIconCanvasItem.

> Can this accessibility implementation be done in gtkiconview.c?

> The advantage of doing it in gtkiconview.c is the accessibility 
> code will have access to the GtkIconViewItem and GtkIconViewPrivate 
> data structures, which I expect will be necessary in order to do 
> the accessibility implementation.


that should be fine, at least we don't have any principal objections
against a11y code in gtk. Speaking about a11y code, did you have a
chance to look at the combo box, and see whether the current api lets
you implement its a11y outside of gtk ?


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