2.4 meeting summary (2004-03-08)

This is a summary of an IRC meeting that was held this afternoon with 
GTK+ team members (Mark McLoughlin, Murray Cumming present as a 
representatives of the GNOME release team)

A complete log of the IRC conversation can be found at:


2.4.0 Progress

* The file selector is "less doomed than expected". This apparently means that
  at the current time there are various bugs and small UI issues, but the
  basic UI is all there and working.

  Some discussion was had about what issues are really release critical;
  the current list of file selector bugs is quite large, and needs to
  be trimmed if we want time for stabilization before the final 2.4.0.

* The ComboBox seems to be working pretty well. The basic operation is
  solid, though there has been a bit more code churn than one might like recently.
  One issue that showed up recently is drawing problems in appears-as-list
  mode. However, since this is not excercised in the default theme, 
  it's probably not that important to fix immediately.

* Pango is ready to ship as it is now. While there are a bunch of outstanding 
  patches that would be nice to get in, none of them are release critical; there
  are no known regressions from 1.2.x.

* Win32 has lots of outstanding work, but no major change in status
  is expected in the near time, so its about as ready for 2.4.0 as
  it will get.

* Other parts seem to be in pretty good shape. One bad menu performance
  problem showed up recently, and was discussed; Soeren has fixed it
  at the time of writing.


As mentioned in my other mail:


We decided to postpone the 2.4.0 release a week. The updated schedule
can be found at:


We'll do a 2.3.6 release today, and 2.4.0 by next Monday.

Tracking issues

After some discussion it was decided to abandon willfix.html, which hasn't
been working out that well (not kept up to date), and instead spend the 
effort on making the bugzilla milestones reasonable and accuracte.

The relevant milestone queries are now linked to from the top of:


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