Re: [gtkmm] ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.0.0

Hi! :-)

* Murray Cumming <murrayc t-online de> [2002-10-31 19:48:00]:
> After just over a year of intense coding, testing, and documenting, the 
> gtkmm2 API is now binary frozen. As well as including all of the 
> improvements in GTK+ 2, gtkmm2 offers an improved, simplified, and more complete
> API in comparison to gtkmm 1.2. If you like C++ then we think you'll like it, and
> we think it's a reason to like C++.

Congratulations! I think gtkmm is *excellent*, I like it mainly because
it tries to be as close to the standard library as possible, and the
fact that it utilizes many cool C++ features. It makes it very easy to
understand and use compared to other C++ libraries.

My applauses mainly to Murray Cumming, Daniel Elstner and Martin
Schulze. Thanks :-)

  - Morten.

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