[Gnome-bindings] Anyone making .defs?

I've been working on tcl gtk bindings for a while now and have just
started looking over gtk 1.3 to see what is changing.

What caught my attention was the discussion of the .defs file format
here. I've found some minimal documentation on the format in cvs,
but no actual .defs files. I was hoping that gtk and perhaps
some of the other related libs would ship with an authorative
.defs file rather than have every language binding maintainer
hack together his own. This seems to me the only reason why would I
bother switching from what I'm using now

An authorative description of gtk would be very nice. I spend
too much my time pouring through the include files and often
completely uncommented source to figure out if I have to, for example,
free the memory of a result. Unfortunately putting together the
.defs file will require that sort of painful checking, but the rest
of us will benefit from the poor guy who puts in the time.

Are there any plans for all of us binding maintainers to get together
and produce .defs files?

(I'm sure the first argument will be what scripting language to
do it in. :)


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