Re: glib.defs and gdk.defs

 Ariel>  Yes. There a lot of things that seems to help only certain
 Ariel>  language (i.e. compiled ones) but I don;t remember hearing a
 Ariel>  word from authors of those bindings.

Sorry, in mGTK[1] we use the old defs format (slightly extended) and
both me and Henning Niss (the other mGTK developer) have been to busy
lately to take a detailed look at the new defs format.  I remember
taking a peek at one of Havoc's suggestions and the new defs format
seemed to provide all the type information needed for SML, but I don't
remember if it provided to much ;-)

Also, because Henning and I are a bit time constrained we have so far
followed a low profile development cycle for mGTK.  That is, we only
track the latest stable version of gtk+, we try to machine generate as
much as possible, and we use the old defs format because it is

Is the document found here:

the lates version available?  Or should we rather look at the
version(s) sent to this list?




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