Re: Official .defs files

> > They are in the spec.
> This is my proposal for enums. Basically it just follows
> my previous suggestions and changes the 'value' fields by
> removing the (nick) and (c-name) expressions.

This does me very little good.  The "value" I need for gtkmm
is the numerical value.  Having the C name means having to include
every gtk+ header in the C++ headers.   

That is I need it to be able to generate

  struct DirectionType
     static const TabForward=0;
     static const TabBackward=1;
     static const Up=2;
     static const Down=3;
     static const Left=4;
     static const Right=5;

or similar.

  (value (name *) (c-name *) (c-value *))

(enum DirectionType
  (in-module Gtk)
  (c-name GtkDirectionType)
  (value (name tab-forward) (c-name GTK_DIR_TAB_FORWARD) (c-value 0x0))
  (value (name tab-backward) (c-name GTK_DIR_TAB_BACKWARD) (c-value 0x1))
  (value (name up) (c-name GTK_DIR_UP) (c-value 0x2))
  (value (name down) (c-name GTK_DIR_DOWN) (c-value 0x3))
  (value (name left) (c-name GTK_DIR_LEFT) (c-value 0x4))
  (value (name right) (c-name GTK_DIR_RIGHT) (c-value 0x5))


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