Re: update of defs file

Totally off the wall comment.

> (define-object Entry
>   (in-module "Gtk")
>   (parent "GtkWidget")
>   (c-name "GtkEntry")
>   (implements "GtkEditable"))

The parent seems to use c-names instead of the module/symbol name.
For all current Gtk symbols this would be "modulesymbol"  
However, this seems odd as lookups in the context would seem to
go to the object name "Widget".  Will we ever get into a case
were the entity, Entry in this case, and its module do not don't
add up to the c-name.  And if not why the c-name field at all?
If this isn't supposed to be a c-name then it shouldn't look like

Okay, it is easy to argue that we are using c-names everywhere 
else as arguments because that is what is easiest.  I am not
really suggesting that we make up some look up rules of 
scoping mechanism to make parent read Gtk->Widget or some
sillyness.  It just strikes me as odd to define entities like
"string" and "Widget" and then use the c-name to refer to them


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