Re: signal/properties/enums/flags defs

On 11 Oct 2001, Murray Cumming wrote:

> On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 02:05, James Henstridge wrote:
> > On 10 Oct 2001, Murray Cumming wrote:
> >
> > > > The program needs to be linked against the library being scanned (in the
> > > > above example, gtk+), and possibly call an initialisation function (the
> > > > above example should have a gtk_init() call at the top).
> > >
> > > And you can't do that within python? Surely you link to gtk+ for pygtk.
> >
> > For gtk, yes you can.  However, this kind of tool would be most useful
> > _before_ a binding for a library has been written (it is used to output
> > information used to write a binding for the library ...).
> I'm just asking whether you can use C/C++ libraries from Python. Do you
> need a whole language binding just to link to gtk and call gtk_init()?
> Maybe the answer is yes - I know nothing about Python.

My aim for a tool like this would be able to take some random library that
registers some stuff with glib's type system, and have the tool output
defs information.

As inputs, we need to know how to initialise the library (if it requires
any initialisation above a simple g_type_init()), and all the get_type()
routines.  Yes it would be possible to drive this stuff through python,
but then you would need a binding for the library that included a way to
call the library initialisation, and a way to access all the get_type()
functions or variables holding GTypes.

This module would need to be an extension module for python, and
generating it would be more work than generating a simple C/C++ program as
I proposed earlier.


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