Language binding on the web..

Hi all!

A few months ago there was discussions about creating a language
bindings website on  I said I would be glad to help.  Since
then I haven't heard anything.

I haven't updated my gnome language matrix
( in a long time because it needs to be
changed into a gnome2-version (I'm thinking about having seperate gnome1
and gnome2-sections or just forget gnome 1 all together).

Anyway!?  What's the current status?  I think my outdated page is the
best list of language-bindings currently and I think that _information_
should be on  I needs to be rearraged before that though.


Erik Bågfors               | erik bagfors nu
Supporter of free software | GSM +46 733 279 273
fingerprint: 6666 A85B 95D3 D26B 296B 6C60 4F32 2C0B 693D 6E32

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