Re: Bindings status

Hello, Murray.

> Please give me the status of your GTK+2 language bindings so that I can
> update the page. If you don't reply then I'll interpret that
> as "inactive".
> Please reply with the
> - Programming language
XBase-like languages. The currently supported ones are Harbour and

> - Project name
xbgtk, located at

> - Unstable or Stable API. That means binary stable for C/C++ - it might
> mean source stable for interpreted languages.
Unstable. Supports only GTK+ 2.x

> - If Unstable, do you expect to be stable and complete soon?
Maybe a month is needed.

> If there is more than one binding for your programming language then try
> to make my life simpler by explaining the situation to me in
> kiddiespeak.
As far as I know, there is a binding for GTK+ 1.2 in Clip dialect of
XBase (

> --
> Murray Cumming
> murrayc usa net

 Phil                          mailto:likewolf users sourceforge net

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