Gtk2 bindings for S-Lang

Dear Gtk Enthusiasts,

I've developed bindings to Gtk and GtkExtra for the S-Lang scripting
language, and just announced the project on alt.lang.s-lang. 

While still a work in progress, the module has survived the scrutiny
of several internal releases, suggesting that it's matured enough to
possibly interest a wider audience.   I would be very pleased if you
would be so kind as to add a link to the project homepage

to the Gtk language bindings page (

The bindings include over 2000 wrapped functions from Gtk2 and 
its constitutent libraries.  Though the current version is still
young (v0.3.1), the package is solid, reasonably documented for
its age, and includes over 4000 lines of example code in some
40-odd scripts [not to mention yet another code generator :)].

Michael S. Noble

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