[gtk2-perl] 2.7.2 releases


here they are, the releases for GNOME 2.7.2.  Not all modules have seen
enough changes to warrant a new unstable release.  We simply use the
old, stable releases for those.

Overview of Changes in Glib 1.050

* New unstable development branch.

* Greatly expanded GParamSpec support. [muppet]
  - Glib::ParamSpec instances are now blessed hash references containing
    a few special keys (same as the hashes previously returned from
    Glib::Object::list_properties()) to retain backwards compatibility.
  - There are now accessors for all the member variables of the various
    GParamSpec subclasses (e.g., GParamInt's minimum, maximum, and
    default value); this tree is mapped as Glib::Param::<type>.
  - Glib::ParamSpec->param() now works.
  - All of this makes the Glib::Object "notify" signal usable.
* More fundamental types are registered, e.g. Glib::UChar, Glib::Float,
  etc. This allows all paramspec types to be specified as package names.
  Glib::UInt was previously misspelled as Glib::Uint; the old name is 
  still allowed, but the new name will be returned from Glib in all
  instances. This needs testing to see if it breaks anything. [muppet]
* Added autodetection of flags and enum types to the doc generation
  code, so that all enum and flags types used in the methods and
  functions listed on a page are documented on that page. The "=for
  enum" directives are still honored, and may be used to add descriptive
  text to the listings. [Ross]
* Added code to allow Glib::Object tracking, which allows the binding to
  maintain proper reference counts on GObjects when the perl interpreter
  clones a new thread. Needs lots of testing, documentation, and needs a
  way to tell if thread support was compiled into perl. Right now it's
  enabled (if compiled in) by calling Glib::Object->set_threadsafe.
* Disable Glib::Object stash caching, which fixes a few bizarre things
  that go wrong when using perl threads. [muppet]
* Add missing Glib::Object::notify() (to emit notify singals). [muppet]
* As always, incremental documentation improvements. [Torsten]
* Improved type-checking error messages, using the new helper function
  gperl_format_variable_for_output(). [Torsten]
* Various odds and ends of minor cleanup and commentary.
  [Torsten, muppet]


Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.050

* New unstable development branch.

* Require Glib 1.050.
* Code cleanup in XS, tests, and examples. [Torsten, muppet, Ross]
* Even yet still more test suite improvements. [Torsten the Test Master]
* Documentation improvements. [Torsten, muppet, Marc Lehmann]
* Allow the creation of anonymous marks. [Marc Lehmann]
* ABI cleanup -- remove private functions from ABI by marking them as
  static. This has the possibility of breaking ABI compatibility; it
  *shouldn't*, because nobody should be using these private functions
  outside of the Gtk2 module, but you never know what's going to happen
  when dealing with win32's braindead linker. If there are any bugs you
  think are related to this, please report them immediately to the
  gtk-perl-list and we'll fix them asap. [Torsten]
* Newly bound functions and such [Torsten unless otherwise noted]:
  - gtk+'s GC pool (the GtkGC functions)
  - Gtk2::Gdk::text_property_to_text_list, text_property_to_utf8_list,
    string_to_compound_text, utf8_to_compound_text,
    and utf8_to_string_target.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::draw_indexed_image.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Font::get_glyph_extents.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Rectangle and functions that use it,
    Gtk2::Pango::Layout::index_to_pos, get_cursor_pos, get_extents,
    and get_pixel_extents.
  - Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter and functions that use it,
    Gtk2::Pango::Layout::get_iter, Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter::get_index,
    at_last_line, next_char, next_cluster, next_run, next_line,
    get_char_extents, get_cluster_extents, get_run_extents, 
    get_line_extents, get_layout_extents, get_line_yrange, and
  - Gtk2::Pango::Fontset.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Visual.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Context::list_families,
    Gtk2::Pango::FontFamily::get_name, is_monospace, list_faces,
    Gtk2::Pango::FontFace::describe, get_face_name, and list_sizes.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Input.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::init, init_check, and parse_args.
  - Add and test the ability to change the device with
    Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Motion::device, Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Button::device,
    Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Scroll::device, and 
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Pixmap::lookup, lookup_for_display, foreign_new, and
  - Gtk2::TreeSelection::get_user_data.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Keymap::get_entries_for_keyval and
* Rework GdkKeymap handling to allow the methods to be called
  properly. [Torsten]
* Allow easy access to the data of a SimpleList row when given a
  path. [Nathan Kurz]


There's no new Gtk2::GladeXML release -- 1.00 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::GConf release -- 1.000 is current.


Overview of Changes in Gnome2::Canvas 1.001

* Fix the broken example in the documentation synopsis.  [muppet]
* Skip the open_parts and closed_parts tests to pass when working with
  libgnomecanvas 2.0.x.  [Torsten]
* Hush unused variable warning.  [muppet]


There's no new Gnome2::VFS release -- 1.001 is current.


Overview of changes in Gnome2 1.010

* Rearrange many private functions and make them static.


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