Re: Gtk API changes list

> Hi,
> Sorry if this sounds really stupid, but I'm trying to find lists of API
> modfications to Gtk+. I've searched through cvs and a tarball, but can't
> find
> any.
> This is all based on an email to this list a few weeks ago, part of which
> can be
> found here:
> Don't these lists exist? If so, why did that message say they do?
> The main reason I want them is that for the gtk 2.4 changes the NEWS files
> seemed to miss out a few things. I'd rather not go through the full
> ChangeLogs.

I search the ChangeLog for .h files. It's reliable. You could look at the
gtkmm ChangeLog too.

The gtkmm code generator also warns us about unwrapped functions, signals,
and properties.

Also, I check the diffs between old and new .defs files as generated by You could check the diffs in gtkmm via viewcvs.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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