ANNOUNCE: Gtk2-Perl 2.8.0

Gtk2-Perl is the collective name for a set of Perl bindings for GTK+
2.x and various related libraries.  These modules make it easy to write
GTK+ and GNOME applications using a natural, Perlish, object-oriented

This is Gtk2-Perl 2.8.0, the stable release for GNOME 2.8.0.


Overview of Changes in Glib 1.060

 Since 1.04x (the previous stable series)
  * Documentation fixes and improvements, including bugfixes in the
    documentation generation system.
  * Improved error messages in several places.
  * Code cleanup.
  * Thread compatibility enhancements
    - Disabled internal stash caching, which was broken to begin with.
    - Added the ability to track Glib::Object instances so the bindings
      can maintain proper reference counts when the interpreter clones a
      new thread.  This feature must be enabled manually by calling
      Glib->set_threadsafe(TRUE) before creating threads or GObjects.
  * More fundamental types are registered, e.g. Glib::UChar,
    Glib::Float, etc.  This allows all paramspec types to be specified
    as package names.  Glib::UInt was previously misspelled as
    Glib::Uint; the old name is still allowed, but the new name will be
    returned from Glib in all instances.
  * The OUTPUT variant of T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER can now handle leading
    "const" and trailing asterisks, like the INPUT variant.
  * Greatly expanded GParamSpec support.
    - Glib::ParamSpec instances are now blessed hash references
      containing a few special keys (same as the hashes previously
      returned from Glib::Object::list_properties()) to retain backwards
    - There are now accessors for all the member variables of the
      various GParamSpec subclasses (e.g., GParamInt's minimum, maximum,
      and default value); this tree is mapped as Glib::Param::<type>.
    - Glib::ParamSpec->param() now works.
    - All of this makes the Glib::Object "notify" signal usable.
  * Glib::Object subclassing enhancements
    - Glib::Object::Subclass can now be used in evals and other
      situations, thanks to the removal of the CHECK block.  This change
      is otherwise transparent.
    - Added fallback and explicit handlers for Glib::Object properties;
      the fallback handlers store the property data in the instance
      variable under the hash key with the same name as the property. 
      Explicit handlers may be specified at object creation time.  See
      the docs for Glib::Type::register_object() for details.
  * API additions:
    - Glib::Object::notify()
    - char_own typedef and typemap.
    - Glib::MakeHelper::select_files_by_version() and
      Glib::MakeHelper::read_source_list_file() for use by Makefile.PLs.

 Since 1.055
  * Release prep.


Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.060

 Since 1.04x (the previous stable series)
  * Require Glib 1.060.
  * Support new stuff in Pango 1.6.
  * Documentation and example code improvements.
  * Code cleanup and various bugfixes.
  * Even yet still more test suite improvements.
  * Allow undef to various Gtk2::Toolbar methods where appropriate.
  * Add important utility functions (with docs) for use by custom tree
    model implementations: Gtk2::TreeIter::to_arrayref and
  * Add bindings for more esoteric bits if API from GDK and GTK+.
  * Thread support improvement.  A new module import option,
    -threads-init, calls Gtk2::Gdk::Threads::init() for you.
  * Allow the creation of anonymous marks.
  * Allow easy access to the data of a SimpleList row when given a path.

 Since 1.055
  * Fix refcounting bugs in Gtk2::CellRenderer and Gtk2::ItemFactory. 
  * Documentation improvements.  [muppet, Ross, A. Pagaltzis]


There's no new Gtk2::GladeXML release -- 1.00 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::GConf release -- 1.000 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::Canvas release -- 1.002 is current.


There's no new Gnome2::VFS release -- 1.003 is current.


Overview of changes in Gnome2 1.020

 Since 1.001 (the previous stable series)
  * Many internal changes and fixes to the test suite.
  * Possibility to use construct-only properties with
  * A Gnome2::enums page that lists all enums and their values.
  * API additions:
    - Some new things in GnomePasswordDialog.
    - Gnome2::AuthenticationManager::dialog_is_visible.
    - Gnome2::IconList::select_all.

 Since 1.014
  * Nada.

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