Updates for Gtk2Hs


Just to keep you updated...

Gtk2Hs is about to move from http://gtk2hs.sourceforge.net to
http://haskell.org/gtk2hs/ (the old site will be redirected to the new
in a day or two)

Also, we 'support' GTK+ 2.6 in our current release 0.9.7 (as in it does
build and run) and we have bindings for all the new GTK+ 2.6 widgets in
current CVS which will become the 0.9.8 release in a couple weeks.

Just also to note that the other Haskell GTK+ binding, Gtk+Hs does not
support the GTK+ 2.x series, it only works with the GTK+ 1.2.x series.
You can confirm this with it's author (or check it's configure.in which
looks for gtk-config rather than pkg-config). The bindings page
previously indicated that Gtk+Hs supported 1.2.x and it's 2.x support
was 'in progress', I suspect the info accidentally got changed when the
GTK 1.2.x column was dropped from the table.



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