Re: Introspection API

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 15:38 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
>Trying to attack the introspection problem from the api side.
>Here is an initial api proposal for an interface repository. 
>I imagine this would be implemented on top of metadata blobs
>which are mmapped readonly, thus the various *Def objects can
>be very lightweight, essentially just a pointer to the metadata
>plus an offset.
>Does this look reasonable ? (except for the names, which are 
>			     completely ad hoc)

One thing also that I would also like is a way to sensibly convert a
GError domain/code into a string.  For example, mapping
G_FILE_ERROR/G_FILE_ERROR_EXISTS into a DBus error message named
"org.gtk.GLib.FileError.Exists" that callers can dispatch on.

GError is a bit odd I guess because it isn't necessarily strongly
associated with a particular class.

I guess the other approach is to send the domain as a string and the raw
code, and expect the caller to somehow have the requisite data to
convert it back, but that seems wrong.  For example if you have a Qt app
that doesn't link to GTK+ invoking a D-BUS method of a GNOME app, it's
not going to have access to the quarks etc.

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