ANNOUNCE: GnomePython 2.9.5 (unstable)

  GnomePython 2.9.5 has been just released.  This is a unstable release
for your testing pleasure.  It should be the final unstable release
before 2.10.0, so please test it well!

  GnomePython provides python interfacing modules for most of the GNOME
Developer Platform libraries (except those already wrapped somewhere
else.)  Currently the list of provided python modules includes:

 - gnome, gnome.ui
 - gnomecanvas
 - gnomevfs
 - gconf
 - bonobo, bonobo.activation, bonobo.ui

  The source tarball can be found here:

  Please file bug reports (bugs, missing APIs) here:

Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.9.4 to gnome-python 2.9.5
* gnomecanvas
 - BPath canvas item fixes (Gustavo)
* gnome.ui
 - rename Client.connect back to Client.connect_to_session_manager as
it was in gnome-python 2.6.x (Gustavo)
* bonobo
 - bonobo.AppClient.msg_send fixes (Gustavo)
* gnomevfs
 - Fix vfs exceptions value (formerly missing) (Benoît Dejean)

  Happy testing!

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
<gjc inescporto pt> <gustavo users sourceforge net>
The universe is always one step beyond logic

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