ANNOUNCE: PyGTK 2.5.2 released (unstable)

I just put up a tarball of PyGTK 2.5.2 on, it can be
fetched from:

once the mirrors have synced correctly.

This release introduces support for overring virtul methods and
it's also possible to implement interfaces, all this made possible
thanks to Gustavo!

What's new since 2.5.1?
        - Improved deprecation messages (Johan)
        - gtk.idle_add, gtk.timout_add, and others are now
          deprecated (Johan)
        - Overriding GTK+ virtual methods (Gustavo)
        - Interfaces now implementation (Gustavo)
        - 2.6 merge (Johan, Gian Mario Tagliaretti)
        - Bug fixes (Adam Hooper, John Finlay, Gustavo, Johan,
          Tim Evans)
        - Build system improvens (Johan)

The wrapping for 2.5.x widgets should be pretty complete, but it might
have some missing functionality, make sure to us it together with the
latest version of Johns reference manual, found at:

This is an unstable release and needs to be well tested, so we're happy
if users and developers can test their program against it, but don't be
surprised if you find a bug or two.


Johan Dahlin <johan gnome org>

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