ANNOUNCE: GnomePythonExtras 2.9.3 (unstable)

  GnomePythonExtras 2.9.3 has been just released.  This is a unstable
release for testing and unstable application development.

  GnomePythonExtras provides python interfacing modules for some GNOME
libraries not part of the Developer Platform.  The
following Python modules are included:

  - gtkhtml2
  - gnomeapplet
  - gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui
  - gtksourceview
  - egg.trayicon, egg.recent
  - wnck
  - gtkspell
  - gtkmozembed
  - gdl
  - totem.plparser
  - gtop
  - nautilusburn

  The source tarball can be found here:

  Please file bug reports (bugs, missing APIs) here:

Overview of Changes from gnome-python-extras 2.9.2 to gnome-python-extras 2.9.3
* New module totem.plparser, wrapping the new totem playlist parsing
library (Tiago Cogumbreiro)
* New module gdl, wrapping Gnome Devtool Libraries (John Palmieri)
* New module gtop, wrapping libgtop (Benoît Dejean)
* gtksourceview
 - Allow changing syntax highlighting styles (Stéphan Kochen)
 - Add SourceView.[gs]set_highlight_current_line (Stéphan Kochen)
* New module nautilusburn, wrapping libnautilusburn (Tiago Cogumbreiro)
* egg.recent
 - Update to CVS libegg (Gustavo)

  Happy testing!

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
<gjc inescporto pt> <gustavo users sourceforge net>
The universe is always one step beyond logic

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