Missing GObject.connect function in typelib, but present in gir


I've started new project called pygir-ctypes. It's pure python binding
of girepository. Initial results are promising. pygir-ctypes parses all
GI*Info structs, and dynamically produces python classes, methods,
functions, etc. Have in mind that pygir-ctypes isn't trying to be compatible
with pygtk nor pyobject.

But, when I try to look for function "connect" in "GObject" typelib,
it's missing. However there are: 'signal_connect_closure',
'signal_connect_closure_by_id', 'signal_handler_disconnect',
'signal_handler_is_connected', 'signal_handlers_disconnect_matched'.

When I look in "/usr/share/gir-1.0/GObject-2.0.gir"
I can see function called "connect", but when I try to find it in
"/usr/lib/girepository-1.0/GObject-2.0.typelib", it is missing.

I tried to recompile GObject-2.0.gir to GObject-2.0.typelib, but
again I cannot find "connect" function. Why is "connect" function
missing from compiled typelib?

I'm using: pypy 1.4.1, cpython 2.7, glib2 2.26.1-1,
gobject-introspection 0.9.12-1, gtk2 2.22.1-1...

Marko Tasic

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