Re: Out of date language bindings

吳淑敏 <angela8686 kbronet com tw> writes:

> Dear Sir: 
>     I had already installed GTk+2.0 in my Ubutu linux system.
> But I didn't know how to start the Application for GTk using.
> Is it combine in gcc , and so I should find it in GCC compile???
Sorry, I couldn't understand your problem statement -- could you try to
be be more verbose?  What exactly did you try? What is "the
Application"? I am (blindly) guessing that you want to try to compile
some application using GTK+.  If that's the case:

- Make sure you have libgtk2.0-dev installed
- If that doesn't fix your issue, report the commandline(s) you used, as
  well as the error messages you got.

Hope that helps, Rotty
Andreas Rottmann -- <>

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