Re: network neighbourhood in Mandrake 8.2


The best thing to do is start a sourceforge project ( and
post your design there.  If turns into something extreamly useful the
nice people at Gnome will most likely take the project under their wing
and provide space for it within the main distribution.

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 07:14, zhangyun wrote:
> Thanks ALL for the discussion of network neighbourhood, I learn a lot from the discussion. Now I am trying to make the design.
> First of all, someone say mandrake 8.2 had releazied Network Neighbourhood. I have download Mandrake 8.2 and install it, but it cann't display Network neighbourhood in default. Maybe I need to use LISA, how to configure it? Does Mandrake must use LISA to get network neighbour?
> By the way, can somebody give a space in gnome web site to hold the design document of my Network neighbourhood? I think it it better to upload the design and discussed by all.
> Best Regards
> Zhang Yun
> ںإfj)b	bںإz&{+m	j)fjb?[X

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