Re: Nautilus tree sidebar / location field

Sorry I didnt read the thread, but why dont we do something like what
Windows does.

Windows Explorer (WE) uses the term of a simpel view and an advanced view.
The advanced view shows the locationbar, treeview etc, and the simpel view
does not.

If you click on a folder on you desktop, WE starts up with the simple view,
but if you select WE from the start menu it will start up with the advanced

If you hold down shift while clicking on a folder/alias to a folder on you
desktop it will start up in the advanced view instead with the default
simple one.

Maybe this would be something to consider?

Just my 2 oere,


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> Following up on my message from July 10th:
> > Well, I've found it. All we need is something like the Web Control
> > that's already in GNOME 1.4. Just type whatever URL and a Nautilus
> > will open with it.
> I received no feedback on this idea. I'm still toying around with it in my
> head however, and I like it better and better. :)
> To recap, the discussion was about whether we could afford to remove the
> location bar from Nautilus (also discussed in bug 82107). An argument
> against it was that advanced users need a way to quickly reach their
> target. I proposed an incremental search feature in the Tree view (I
> believe that is already known as bug 41599), but that still wouldn't allow
> to arbitrarily open non-filesystem URLs nor would it allow to paste paths
> in a textfield. For the latter problem, a "File > Open location...
> [Ctl+L]" menu item was suggested (bug 82112).  Currently, Nautilus focuses
> the location bar (and shows it if it was hidden) when you press Ctl+L, but
> something new would of course be required if we lost the location bar. For
> the first problem, I "discovered" that we already have a solution in GNOME
> 1.x, namely the Web Control applet. When ported to GNOME2, it could well
> take away all the objections to removing the location bar that are still
> standing. Whether or not to show the applet by default on the panel is
> open for discussion.
> My question is if the people on these lists like this idea or can at least
> agree to posting it as a to-be-evaluated bug on bugzilla. I'm eager to
> hear your comments! =)
> regards,
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