Re: Theme dir..

Yes kill nautilus themes, I hqve some more comments too

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> said:

> For icons (toolbar and file manager), we should have icon theme
> instead that spans stock icons and such, and Alex already implemented
> most of this using the shared spec with KDE.

I dont really know the specifics but wouldnt it be better to do mime type 
theming through maybe vfs so that all gnome apps that use mime type icons 
(evolution per se) use the same icons. probably an accessibility issue i would 
guess as well.

> For desktop background, it in no way belongs in the Nautilus theme;
> it's entirely bizarre that the "Use Default Background" menu item goes
> to some Nautilus theme background, instead of the default gnome
> background from libgnome schemas file.

i agree here too...although some users do like be able to set per directory 
backgrounds. windows does this as well i believe.

> For the sidebar pieces, well, they should use a standard notebook
> appearance IMO.

why not kill the current sidebar ui, and change it to be like the one in 
galeon2, i think dave c has a working design for this already too. we could 
eliminate the sidebar preferences too by doin this big plus.


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