Re: Thankyou.

My personal concept of the ultimate file browser would hardly need a search tool... it would have the indexing built into a vfs layer so that I could, say,

'view by date' - bang! the folder heirarchy appears as year -> month -> day, files grouped by modification time

'view by filetype' - bang, files are grouped by mimetype... all star office docs in one folder, all gifs in another, etc.

'view by emblem' - bang, folders appear with names corresponding to emblems

'view by filename' - bang, files appear in alphabetic order of the filename, irrespective of what directory
they're in (grouped in folders according to initial chars?).

'view by size' - i need free diskspace, and i need it now...

Taken to the extreme you could have evolution-like vfolders... eg. vfolder containing all rpms more than 2 years old, etc, or alternatively apply arbitrary filters to the view.

Once you have indexing at a lower layer you could do things like removing symbolic links to a file when you delete that file, etc...

OK, sorry for crapping on... would be cool though.

Darryl Rees.

Seth Nickell wrote:

Medusa is an index based search tool. Its the same basic idea as
"slocate" and friends, but it indexes a lot more than file name and
allows for a much richer search vocabulary. The current interface
integrates a "Find" button into the Nautilus toolbar that brings up a
small search interface replacing the location bar when clicked. Search
results appear in the current Nautilus window, and items should be
operable-on exactly like ordinary files.

Because Medusa uses URIs for the search information, it would not be
difficult to allow search results to be linked to by .desktop files,
essentially allowing for a virtual folder capability. So I might be able
to have a "Spreadsheets" folder that contains all my spreadsheets no
matter where on the system they are. Currently Medusa isn't quite fast
enough for this to be super-usable (on my 600 MHz machine with a slow
laptop hard drive), but its only something like 2-3x too slow.

Currently Medusa also indexes text files, allowing you to search for the
contents of text files (including source code, I believe). However, more
interesting is that it shouldn't be too difficult to add other file
specific indexers into Medusa and allow for searching based on a rich
set of type specific attributes. For example, I might be able to type
"NautilusIconContainer" into a search field in the future and Medusa
would be able to locate nautilus-icon-container.h, which contains that


On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 04:55, bordoley msu edu wrote:

Damien Covey <djcovey softhome net> said:

Tell me more about this Medusa.  Is it a search tool?

I dont know much of the specifics, but basically it is a search daemon which nautilus already has a gui front end for. of course this feature hasnt been tested in a long while and would need to go through some ui work to bring it up to hig standards i believe.


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