Re: Suggestion: Improved icon retrieval

Hi Benjamin,

On Sat, 2002-08-17 at 13:30, Benjamin Greiner wrote:
> I'm currently developing, as a Bonobo exercise, a file list control. I
> noticed that retrieving the related Nautilus icon for any given file is
> a large undertakement, and I wasn't able to figure out how it works.

	Yes; you need to link to libnautilus-private - and as such you need to
have your code inside the nautilus module itself. Then again - you
_should_ be able to re-using the existing nautilus file list.

> My suggestion is that libnautilus - or even a lower level of Gnome at
> some time in the future - provides some routines to retrieve the icon,
> either as a path, or as a complete, scaled and eyecandied pixbuf.

	The problem is it takes very significant resources to load / render /
scale / cache all the icons, and it's really not that suitable to do per
process IMHO - thus it's better to have your code integrated with the
nautilus core process, and pull it in as an out of proc control to
whatever app needs it, as it needs it.



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