Single click mode


I currently use the single click mode in nautilus because I find it more
consistent with the gnome desktop (particularly with the panel

But there are some problems with this mode, especially when you only
want to select something. 

I think this mode would be more usable if it enables the following

  - single left click on an icon picture launches/opens item. 
  - single left click on the icon label only selects item. 
  - double left click on icon label enters in rename mode. 

  - and give a feedback to the user with to different mouse cursors :
the cursor of galeon (when the mouse is over a link) when the mouse
pointer is over the icon picture, and the cursor of eog (when the mouse
is over the picture area) when the mouse pointer is over an icon label,
for example. 


  - selection more easy in both icon and list view.  
  - consistency bewteen icon and list view. 
  - direct acces to the rename mode without context menu. 


  - in list view, with these features, the area for opening/launching an
item is restricted to the icon picture area, which is quite small. 

I did open a enhancement bug:


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