Fwd: nautilus suggestions [was Re: Nautilus file info.]

On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 13:30, Giovanni A. D. wrote:
> I hope that it is right to write this to you; If I'm wrong please
> foward my e-mail to who handle this kind of topic. Thanks.

Hi Giovanni:

Thanks for your suggestions regarding accessibility; I think that they
are of general "usability" interest.

I would suggest that you join the list "nautilus-list"
and post these suggestions, on this list they will get more discussion.

> I think that it is absolutelly necessary to have the possibility in 
> Nautilus
> to open a window with the information of more than one file .. for 
> example,
> if I copy 30 files from a cd to a hd I should be able to select them all,
> open the information window, and set for all of it the write privilege, 
> without
> using chmod in terminal! Kde does it and this was also a problem of Mac 
> OS 9's Finder,
> that is now fixed with Mac OS X..
> It is also useful to make gnome more spread to beginners linux user to 
> have, like in kde,
> the possibility to extract gz, bz2 and so on files just by clicking with 
> the right button
> over them and selecting "extract here" ..

I believe that this feature is either available or planned...  but I am
not sure.

> I am planning to suggest to install linux with gnome to some my friends 
> and maybe
> one day also to some companies in my zone but I can't tell them "to do 
> it, open terminal
> and type.."
> Anyway, as acessibility I think that gnome is for a lot of things foward 
> respect kde,
> and also as user friendly and "user relaxing" .. ;)
> Thanks for all, I hope my suggestion will be useful.
> Bye,
> Giovanni

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