Icon name length bug

Nautilus has a bug where is does not cap the lenght of a filename and
lets it be as long as it wants.  For instance the file name
this_is_a_very_long_file_name_and_will_not_be_wrapped.txt will look just
like that in nautilus.

Yet the filename this-is-a-very-long-file-name-and-will-be-wrapped-.txt
does get wrapped.

I figued that I would just look though the source code and see where
nautilus decides to wrap the files but after an hour of making tag files
and and pressing Ctrl+] I gave up.  Perhaps some one who knows the
layout of the the source can add support for that.  And while they are
at it maybe they could add support for wrapping file like
thisisaverylongfilenameandwillnotbewrapped.txt .  It think its funny
that while the rename box wraps the text they actual name after you
press enter is now wrapped.


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