Re: how can I make a desktop system like MS-windows?

Full hierarchal virtualization of the file system may be a cool idea. However
in the gnome sense perhaps a better way to do this would be:

+Start Here (or whatever we decide to call it in the future)
|---Settings (see seth's latest proposal on Desktop Devel)
|---Network Drives
|---File System

This is just an idea not totally sure where to go with it though. It would be
nice if this was done at a layer lower than nautilus (assuming vfs) so that
this virtual hierarchy could be shared with the file selctor etc.

anyway just brain dumping,


mozart <mozart xinhuanet com> said:

> Hello, everyone.
>   I want to add a virtual directory system to nautilus just like MS windows.
>   It appears like below,
>   +Desktop
>   |---My Documents
>   |--+My Computer
>   |  |---Floppy(A:)
>   |  |---Home Directory(/home/$user)
>   |  |---CDROM
>   |--+Net Hood
>   |---Web Browser   
>   Which module should I modify?
>   Thank you.

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