Re: How about News in Nautilus?

Hi Andrea:

We decided to drop the news sidebar from nautilus awhile ago (check out the 
archives from april and may for some references). The basic reasoning was two 
fold as I remember:

1. We don't currently have a good webview (gtkhtml2 doesn't really support 
the features expected of modern web browsers and galeon2 view, based on gtk2 
mozilla, is still alpha right now).

2. The news sidebar was sort of inconsistent with the direction the 
developers plan to take with nautilus. The somewhat general consensus seems 
to be that nautilus should be a file manager/shell and not really a full 
blown web browser (imho that is what galeon is for), so it was decided in 
this context that the news sidebar just didn't make that much sense for 

hope this answers your question.


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