Using desktop as a regular folder

My idea is to give the desktop area the ability to act like a regular
folder.  The toolbar would be a panel applet or a popupbar (right click
on empty area would popup a floating toolbar, sort of like left click
popup menu).  Scrolling (up/down or right/left depending on layout mode)
would done using mouse wheel or by mouse mouse pointer all to the
scrolling edges (up/down or right/left depending on layout mode) just
like the auto scrolling that happens when selecting multiple files.

Properties of new desktop folder:
1.  Able to switch locations.
2.  Each workspace would be a different desktop folder.
3.  User defined default starting locations for each workspaces.
4.  Being to drap and drop files to different workspace using workspace
switcher .i.e instant powerful shelf; The popup tooltip would be the URL
of the current workspace that the mouse pointer is hovering over.
5.  Saving files from applications by drap and drop to workspaces.
Compare that to the current desktop:
1. fixed location.	 
2. Workspaces point to same fixed location.
3. ?	
4. no easily way to access it if windows are maximized or if one have
multiple windows open.
5. ?  

 "There has grown in the minds of certain groups in this country the
idea that just because
a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of
years, the
government and the courts are charged with guaranteeing such profit in
the future, even in
the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This
strange doctrine
is supported by neither statue or common law. Neither corporations or
individuals have the
right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped,
or turned back."

-Robert Heinlein, Life Line, 1939

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