Re: PATCH: Bugs 82117, 83691, 83218, and some other UI stuff

This has been committed, thanks.


On Sat, 2002-08-31 at 13:23, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> This patch fixes a bunch of little ui issues.
> 1. Adds escape keybinding to the stop button (bug 83691)
> 2. Removed the "Remove Custom Icon" entry from the view menu and context
> menu (bug 82117 also sort of takes care of bug 86179).  (Calum agreed
> with this, see the bug for discussion)
> 3. Changed keybinding for "Move to Trash" to delete and for "Delete" to
> shift+delete (bug 83218 this fixes bug 78120 as well). I think these are
> more intuitive, however i kept control+t as an alternative. (Calum also
> basically agreed with this)
> 4. Use GTK_STOCK_DELETE in a bunch of dialogs instead of our own string.
> 5. Changed broken link dialog string to "Do you want to move this link
> to the Trash?" and changed confirming button to "Mo_ve to Trash" to be
> consistent with the rest of the UI.
> If this patch is all good, could one of the maintainers please commit?
> dave

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