Re: idea to end browser and spatial problems

Julien Olivier wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 15:05, David Wagoner wrote:
> > Well here is my idea on how to make everyone happy
> > with the whole spatial vs browser situation. Instead
> > of using a gconf entry make a preferences option for
> > nautilus which will allow users to select which mode
> > they want. This will make it easy for new users to
> > disable it if they dont like it since preferences is
> > the first spot people check to change things.
> >
> I think it be even better to make it possible to change the default
> depending on the folder. For example, I have a few folders on my desktop
> that I like to open in spatial mode (Music, Pictures etc...). But when I
> mount my FAT32 Windows partition (in Computer), I like to access it in
> browser mode (right-click -> browse). So I'd like Nautilus to remember
> the fact that I access it in browser mode most of the time. Or, maybe,
> simply make "browse" the default for any element opened from within
> "Computer".
> Just my 2 cents...

There was a question that I'd wanted to post to the list some time ago, but
was waiting to go through the archives first. However, this seems as good of
a time as any.

Are there still plans to create an "expanding folder" list view? (That is,
similar to the Mac Finder's arrows-next-to-folders interface, where folders
can be expanded without opening a new window.) If so, is there a timeline? I
don't remember seeing it in the latest roadmap that was briefly up on Dave
Camp's ~campd folder on

I'm aware that the Windows Explorer-style view is only one "flavor" of the
browser mode, but it can be very useful. Unfortunately, no Windows users
have ever had ability to use the nested-list view that the Mac Finder long
has had.

It seems to me that the Explorer vs. spatial duality is artificial, and
likely the root of many people's "rather fight than switch" position (though
I'm definitely not trying to imply that you two quoted posters, Julien and
David, are taking that position). I think more than a few of those who argue
that "Windows 95 had a spatial view, but even MS couldn't make it work"
would change their minds had they actually been able to use a fully
developed spatial model for a length of time.

So, my two cents (though my verbosity has probably inflated it to more than
20 by now ;-) is that the "end to browser and spatial problems" would come
by adding this missing (and missed) feature to the spatial mode. In-place
folder expansion is something that just isn't possible in a browser view;
the separation of structure and content isn't possible in the spatial mode.
Further refining the spatial mode seems a better solutions, rather than
looking for a way to bring together two ideologically disparate interfaces.

- John

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