Re: Bugzilla spring cleaning

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 08:32, Matthew Gatto wrote:
> Adding gnome-bugsquad to CC.

> > * Close all bugs related to medusa/search
> I thought someone did that already


> > * Close all bugs related to the hardware view
> What do you mean by "hardware view"? computer:/// and the Sidebar-Tree?

No. I mean the hardware view, availible as hardware: if you built it
(its disabled by default these days).

> > * Close all bugs related to UI that is no longer in Gnome 2.6
> Such as?

Things like the old "add server to network:///" app. Can't think of much

> > * Close all bugs related to code or APIs that are no longer in Gnome 2.6
> Such as?

I guess mainly the volume manager.

> How about closing all smb/samba bugs reported before nautilus/gnome-vfs 2.5/2.6
> and reopen'ing old ones as they are reported in 2.6?

Might be a good idea. The samba code was basically rewritten for 2.6.

Also, we have been talking to luis about creating some sort of SQL query
to mass-close nautilus bugs for old versions that have not been touched
in a while.

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