Re: how to close all nautilus browser windows at one time?

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 22:19, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> > > I am interested in this too (I use it all the time with Finder), but is
> > > there really a way to do it with Nautilus?
> > >
> > yes - type the following in a terminal window :
> > killall nautilus
> > jamie.
> I suggest you keep the sarcasm away of this list. It doesn't help anyone.

I'm serious - I have to use it with spatial when the the window count
gets too high. 

> The question was legitimate and serious: with the spatial nautilus new users
> will be constantly ending up having a lot of windows open and then they will
> be trying to close them manually one by one (until they learn how to
> properly use it). A shortcut to close all open nautilus windows  is now
> needed more than ever.

I 100% agree but in the meantime "killall nautilus" is the only way to
do that and of course a more user friendly method has to be found.


> Eugenia

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