What I think spatial nautilus needs

Hello people!

I think everyone agrees that one of the most annoying thing to do for a
power user is having to switch between using the keyboard and the mouse
while doing stuff. That is why Emacs and Vi have their keyboard-shortcut
tools, and so on...
Since spatial nautilus is much of a mouse tool than a keyboard (it's
much more convenient to use the mouse stuff) I have here written down a
list of stuff I'd like to see to make nautilus 2.8 a killer app:

1) Mouse gestures. 
After having opened ca 10-15 folders, and not wanting to have to switch
to the keyboard to use CTRL-SHIFT-W I have to close each window by
clicking the X in the top right corner... not that smooth... A mouse
gesture to close the current folder, and one to close ALL folders would
be nice.
Same thing with moving to some different location. There should be a way
to activate the CTRL-L feature (more about that in point 2) with the
Of course, stuff like opening the parent folder and such should also be
accessible with the mouse. 
Now - for the not-so-power users, the most common mouse gestures could
appear as a small panel of some sort somewhere (other suggestions

2) Make CTRL-L use the file selector
This would be good for all users as such a feature would allow easier
browsing to far away locations, not require knowing exact location fof
different folders, not require using the keyboard and allow for the use
of the GTK bookmarks (see point 3)

3) Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks
They should be placed at the following locations: "Places" menu and
"Computer" (other suggestions welcome)
Of course, these bookmarks should be the same bookmarks as GTK now
creates, for nice cross-DE integration.

I hope these suggestions start some kind of debate over what a
perfect-for-all spatial browser should have. For me, these three things
would make my own life much easier, but also much easier for all of
those n00bs out there that don't want to have to learn keyboard
shortcuts and mouse gestures to use the default file manager.

Best wishes and keep up the good work
Sergej Kotliar

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