Re: [Usability] Re: Patch added for closing all spatial windows via menu and shortcut key

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 10:48 -0400, Jason Tackaberry wrote:
> I think ctrl-q makes sense with the above behaviour only if it's really
> true that users typically consider spatial windows and browser windows
> as distinctly separate groups (or "applications," if you will). 

I sometimes type control-q by mistake, e.g.meaning to type it into
a gnome-terminal, where of course it's used to resume after control-S
(XON/XOFF) or to quit a terminal application...

...probably so do other people.  it's next to control-w (delete word)
too, and control-a for select all.  In mozilla, ^w sometimes deletes
a word and sometimes closes the current window, throwing away any
text you've entered in a form, it's very fragile, and the long-term
answer ought to be to distinguish between control-keys used for
editing and application-specific things, and "meta" keys used for
controlling windows and the desktop, so that control keys would
never quit a program by mistake, for example.  But that would
be a major change.

So on ^q nautilus needs to prompt for confirmation, and the prompt
needs to be clear about what will be going away, e.g.
   quitting nautilus will close all folder windows

Either that or nautilus needs to remember which folders were open
and re-open them when started again, including gnome-vfs folders,
and including which folders were selected/copied.


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