gnome-file-types-properties confusion

I got Gnome 2.6 (Debian/unstable) here and I'm  trying to convince Nautilus
to open iso-8859-2 encoded text file (suffix is .srt) with gedit:

0) Nautilus shows 'green foot' common icon for file
1) I right-click file -> Open with -> Application (the only choice)
2) dialogue "none application associated with "" is shown,
   button 'Cancel' and 'Associate'
3) I press 'Associate', gnome-file-types-properties is run (according to ps command,
   it is 'gnome-file-types-properties application/octet-stream'),
   I'm selecting icon, description, MIME type, category, suffixes in in 'Implcit action'
   field 'gedit'.
4) again - still the indefinite 'green-foot' icon is shown, right-clicking file ->
   Open with -> Application gets me back to step 2), but now form in
   gnome-file-types-properties contains previously entered values. Frustration, confusion
   - is it a bug or feature? What should I try next?

I'd gladly appreciate link to some explanation or tutorial I could have missed. Also
thanks for any tips or insightful explanations. I take care of multiple Gnome computers
and I just have to explain people why this doesn't work :-(

Vitezslav Kotrla

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