nautilus 2.8 stability? (was Re: nautilus code freeze break request)

>> Alex, do you have any idea of the general stability of Nautilus 2.8
>> compared to 2.6? I guess you're seeing the bug reports. Much the same?
>> Even better? Scary?
> I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but neither I nor dave has had very much
> time to look at bugzilla for this cycle, and I'm not sure we're in a
> great state. Maybe asking the bugsquad would give you a better answer.

Unfortunately they haven't had enough time for it either.

> However, there really are few changes to the core of Nautilus, so I
> don't expect stability to be any worse than before.

Yes, that's what I hope too.

> What I'm more
> worried about is the new features like the mime system being a bit iffy.
> Perhaps not crashing, but maybe looking unpolished in some areas.

I think most people won't get that far anyway because they'll need to
update all their apps so that they register themselves. Maybe this will be
the GNOME release that makes people really understand that we release
software for distros.

> One
> area where there might be some instability is the new http/dav backend.

By the way, are there any DAV folders on the gnome servers that I can use
to try that out?

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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