Re: Cleaning up the nautilus context menu

Raphael Bosshard wrote:
Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 22:26 -0700, Link Dupont wrote:
And I second the proposal to remove the "Use Default Background".
That's left over from when Nautilus had themes, and the theme would
set its own background. Now maybe if the GNOME Theme manager would
ever implement the BackgroundImage= in index.themes, that context menu
could set the image suggested in the index.theme. But the theme
manager would need to fully implement that directive first.

Not really true. You can set the global nautilus background (using e.g.
ask-drag) and the per-folder background. The "Use Default Background"
operation is the only way to get rid of the per-folder background.

I'd say that this is a inconsistency. For though you can reset the folder background in the same way you can reset the desktop background, you cannot set it the same way.

I agree completely. See bug

The only way to set the desktop background is with drag & drop (as I'm aware).

You probably mean folder background overhere

Would per-folder properties solve the problem? I guess a lot of things could be packed in there, like placing of files, list/icon view, zoom and arrangement of icons. The handling of desktop and folders would get more consitent, for instead of the "Change Desktop Background" you would get a "Desktop Properties" (or simply "Properties") and the the same for folders.

I think on the Desktop a "Desktop Properties" items would be cool. It then should have the possibility to:
1. Change the Desktop Background
2. Change the Resolution
3. Change the Theme
4. Change the Window Behaviour
5. Change the Font

I think that's fairly easy to implement if you just have submenus

"Desktop Properties"
	"Change Desktop Background"
	"Change Resolution"
	"Change Theme"
	"Change Window Behaviour"
	"Change Font"

A nicer solution I think is to have just one menu item which fires up a dialog with 5 tabs, which contain the 5 previously mentioned items.

I only do not know how easy it is to get these 5 items into one dialog. Currently they are different apps.


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