NautilusIconContainer from NautilusWindow?


i was trying to add the following effect to the desktop: when you
click on a floder (using the spatial view) a new view opens, my idea
was to create a small view that would fly from the clicked folder icon
to its final position while growing and rotating along the way. I have
the growing/rotating problem solved and i can get the final position
from the files metadata but my problem is that i cant get the starting
point. I just need the x and y coordinates of the icon that has been
clicked but i dont know how to get them. If i had a pointer to the
container where the icon was, then i could find it searching among the
selected icons but i dont know how to get that pointer.

i have the NautilusFile object and the NautilusWindow where the icon
was clicked, how can i get the icons coordinates?

bye byez

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