Re: Hide mount points from desktop

Hello Kotrla,

> Luca, I'm also running Debian/unstable and I had to add this key manually
> since during recent upgrades something went wrong and it wasn't created
> automatically. Sometimes things happen...
> VK

mmm this could be strange.
I've had this problem months ago when I've upgraded nautilus & Co from
2.4 series to 2.6 (ever unstable/testing).
But in few days, when was available gconf upgraded the problem was solved.
Now I've:

gconf2 2.6.4
gconf-editor 2.6.2
nautilus 2.6.3
metacity  2.8.1
gnome-panel 2.6.2
gnome-common 2.4.0
gnome-session 2.6.2

and so on...

It works and never was broken every weekly single application upgrade
I made into unstable.

Yes I know that could happen sometimes...but could be I'm lucky ;-)



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