Re: Usability problem, and solution proposal

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:32:42 +0000
paul hendrick <paul hendrick gmail com> wrote:

> I've written up an idea for a bug in nautilus usabilty. 
I also would really like to see something happen here. The actual
procedure with hover the tasklist-entry is really annoying, it takes too
much time its confusing with too much windows and there are people out
there which use one.

However your solution would really be nice, eye-candy and impressing.
But nautilus is already slow enough and I think it would be somehow
confusing if suddenly your windows start to fly around if you start a

We should maybe think of simpler solutions (hopefully not less
powerful). One solution would be allow DnD on the directory button (in
the left lower corner). But this offers you only windows which are above
your actual.

OK, an another idea:
When start dragging, offer a menu of all opened nautilus windows with
icon and title, if you hover without dropping the window raises and will
lower again after dropping. It should also be possible to drop directly
to the list element. This would be something similar to rox spring up
directories. This shouldn't be too hard, is it? Nautilus must already
keep a list of open windows, so that its activates one if you click on
the directory icon.

However, I think this must be customizable, because I already know that
it will annoy some people. Maybe the menu should only appear if the
pointer gets outside the window.

| * | Home Directory  |

| o | Desktop         |
|---------------------|  ^
			  \ pointer	
| # | Downloads       |

Well, just an idea ... but something here would be cool!!!



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